Pompeo 'confident' United States will continue 'progress' with North Korea on denuclearization

Pompeo 'confident' United States will continue 'progress' with North Korea on denuclearization

There's been no indication that the USA envoy for the talks, Mr Stephen Biegun, has had any substantive meetings with North Korean leaders since the Hanoi summit.

"The United States is talking a lot about holding a third US-NK summit meeting, but we are neither pleased nor willing to see a summit like the Hanoi summit reenacted", Kim said at the 14th session of the Supreme People's Assembly of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, according to Korean Central News Agency.

The previous summits "raised serious questions about whether the steps we took under our strategic direction were right, and gave us a sense of caution about whether the USA is even really trying to improve" relations...

"We regard it as important to solve problems through dialogue and negotiations but we do not like and have interest in the USA way of talks. I've never said it would be".

Despite Moon's gambit, Kim - who has held three summits with the South Korean leader - blasted Seoul for acting like "an officious "mediator" and 'booster, '" saying it should instead "be a party advocating the interests of the (Korean) nation with its own spirit and voice". The US flatly rejected the proposal to partially lift the sanctions on North Korea in exchange to additional assurances that Pyongyang will not restart nuclear and ballistic missile tests.

"That probably indicates that the North is triggering plans to diversify its diplomatic relations with other countries", he said.

Addressing the nation's parliament, Kim said that his talks with US President Donald Trump in February raised "a strong question" whether the country was right in making concessions.

"I agree with Kim Jong-un of North Korea that our personal relationship remains very good, perhaps the term excellent would be even more accurate, and that a third summit would be good in that we fully understand where we each stand", Mr Trump wrote on Twitter.

Trump said Thursday he was mulling a third summit with Kim ahead of a meeting with his South Korean counterpart Moon Jae-in at the Oval Office - a move supported by Seoul.

Kim said the United States has been refusing to withdraw what the North perceives as "hostile policies" while sticking to "mistaken judgment that we would succumb to maximum pressure".

At that meeting, Trump said the time was not right for easing sanctions and inter-Korean projects, dealing a blow to a push by Moon, who has gambled much of his political capital on breaking fresh life into the U.S.

Mr Kim said he doesn't have to be fixated on a summit to obtain sanctions relief, and he wouldn't hesitate to reach an agreement if the United States brings up an idea that is acceptable to both sides, KCNA reported.

In Hanoi, Pyongyang offered to close its main nuclear facility in return for sanctions relief, but Washington sought a "big deal" comprising - in details which have emerged post-summit - the demand that North Korea surrender all its nuclear arms and weapons of mass destruction.

Responding to Mr Kim's speech, South Korea repeated its stance of promoting the talks.

Moon is reportedly seeking to hold another summit soon with Kim, possibly to lay the groundwork for a third meeting of the US and North Korean leaders.

"Bringing in weapons of war is an obvious threat". He's exploited his new relationship with South Korea and his revitalized ties to China.

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