You can finally change the PlayStation handle you’ve had since middle school

You can finally change the PlayStation handle you’ve had since middle school

Rejoice PlayStation fans! You now can change your PSN ID you made back in high school and have been haunted by ever since.

Will your new PSN Online ID work in games? How much will it cost?

Below are some of the issues you may encounter.

On PS4, you'll first want to go into Settings, then select Account Management Account Information Profile Online ID.

Child accounts can not change their online ID.

Finally, beginning on April 10 in America and April 11 in Europe, all PlayStation users can change up their PSN IDs as many times as they'd like. For example, games like Everybody's Golf, LittleBigPlanet 3, MLB The Show 14, MLB The Show 15, MLB The Show 16, and Worms Battlegrounds all have Critical Issues with the feature. This point is further clarified by PlayStation who set a date of April 1, 2018, for when a game must have been published after to support the feature.

If you change your mind and want to revert back to your old ID, that is always possible free of charge, and no one else can claim your old ID even after it has been changed. PS4 users now have the option to change their PSN IDs as many times as they'd like either through the console itself or a web browser. You can see the full list of games that support PSN ID changes here.

To coincide with this feature's release, Sony has put together an FAQ that answers some questions PS4 owners may have. However, it will not be supported directly on older devices such as the PS3 or PS Vita. How do I know that I won't run into these?

According to Sony, a large majority of the "most-played PS4 games" tested support the feature.

The potential problems are broken up into two tiers: "issues" and "critical issues". We expect major issues to occur only in a small number of games. This will only be visible to other players registered as your friends. Players may also lose access to content (paid or otherwise) acquired for games such as add-ons and virtual currency. You'll also need to check out your games to make sure they still function properly after making the adjustment.

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