EU Grants Six-Month Delay Of Brexit

EU Grants Six-Month Delay Of Brexit

Opposition Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn, with whom May hopes to strike a compromise accord, called the Brexit delay "another milestone in the government's mishandling of the entire Brexit process".

The summit was more tense than expected, with French President Emmanuel Macron the strongest voice opposing a long extension as the talks stretched from early evening on Wednesday to early yesterday morning. Meanwhile it's been stressed that the country will have to hold European Parliament elections if it is still an EU member between May 23 and 26.

May, who returned in the early hours of Thursday after lengthy and hard talks with EU leaders in Brussels, addressed a crowded chamber in the Houses of Parliament to report on the outcome of her talks with the EU Council.

"If Britain's politicians reach agreement around a so-called" tender Brexit", it could probably undergo Parliament, and are welcomed by the European Union, allowing Britain an orderly death from the forthcoming months.

However, it could mean Britain having to take part in European Union elections scheduled in May, and there are still few signs that lawmakers will vote on Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal, further prolonging the political chaos.

"I know that there is huge frustration from many people that I had to request this extension", she said.

Whether May will remain in office to see through any Brexit strategy is increasingly in question, and the Prime Minister was forced to respond to calls to resign from hardline Brexiteers on her own backbenches. Originally set for March 29, May sought an extension after Parliament's constant rejections.

Three of the four former British prime ministers still alive - John Major, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown - have said a referendum is the way to resolve the crisis.

But Parliament has voted repeatedly to rule out "no-deal", and even passed a law that forces the Government to ask for delay rather than crash out.

British MEP Nigel Farage speaks during the launch of the Brexit Party's European election campaign, Coventry, England, Friday, April 12, 2019. If May manages to finally bully her Withdrawal Agreement through Parliament with the threat of No Brexit and collaboration with Labour, the United Kingdom will be saddled with the waste of our money, the weakening of our future negotiating position, a dramatically downgraded prospect of trade deals with countries outside the European Union, and the watering down our sovereignty. But they can't force her out until the end of the year, after she survived a no-confidence vote in December.

Several days of talks between May's Conservative government and the main opposition Labour Party aimed at finding a compromise have failed to produce a breakthrough.

Pro-EU politicians said the next few months should be used to hold a new referendum on whether to leave the EU or remain.

Corbyn wants Britain to be in a permanent customs union with the EU, while keeping a say over the bloc's trade policy.

"We're giving them a very long time to take a decision", he said.

So here's the second irony, also still escaping us. In a desperate last throw of the dice, May has decided Corbyn is somewhow fit to determine the nature of Brexit, and our future relationship with the EU.

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