Aaron Rodgers: 'I lost vision' after Week 17 concussion

Aaron Rodgers: 'I lost vision' after Week 17 concussion

"When I think about my relationship with Aaron, you're talking about 13 years", McCarthy said.

"But, again, we talked through so many different issues over the years and that made us a lot stronger".

The Green Bay Packers returned to Wisconsin for offseason workouts Monday, and quarterback Aaron Rodgers wasted no time in firing back at a Bleacher Report story, calling its detailed description of the team's dysfunction "a smear attack" using "mostly irrelevant, bitter players" as sources and disputing that he was told to not "be the problem" going forward.

Rodgers also went into detail about the knee injury he suffered in Week 1 and then reinjured in Week 5.

"My two bones that come together on the outside made an indent fracture", Rodgers explained. "The good thing was it's not super weight-bearing but there's definitely some moves that affected it".

Rodgers' relationship with McCarthy has been a topic of conversation for years, and it reopened in earnest last season after Rodgers ripped the game plan following a 22-0 win over the Buffalo Bills in Week 4 - something Rodgers said he now regrets. Especially when you consider it wasn't the only injury he battled.

"I had a tibial plateau fracture and obviously an MCL sprain", Rodgers said.

"I'm proud of the fact that I started 16 games".

"I couldn't see", he said during the radio interview.

That's terrifying. Blacking out and losing your vision in the middle of a football game as a result of a head injury sounds about as scary as it gets. It will be curious this year to see if Rodgers' down season (for him) was about him getting older and being not quite as sharp as he was during the peak of his career, or a guy who was genuinely playing quarterback with a broken leg.

In hindsight, it was best for Rodgers to respond to these allegations as soon as possible, because it would've most certainly followed him into the 2019 season and bee a distraction for a team that is trying to turn it around after 2-straight seasons with no postseason.

McCarthy had a successful tenure with Green Bay but reportedly had a sour ending with the team.

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