Chipotle celebrates National Burrito Day with free delivery

Chipotle celebrates National Burrito Day with free delivery

Chipotle is stepping up National Burrito Day.

Taco Bus: Get a free churro with your burrito.

It seems like nearly every other day is a "national-insert-food-here" day, at this point: National Cheddar Day, National Pizza Day, and National Potato Chip Day have all happened in the past few months alone.

Chipotle is undoubtedly giving the best offer on National Burrito Day by having you stay home. You can score free burritos, free guacamole, free burrito delivery, and more.

The burrito will be available online only through April 7.

Chipotle: Would it really be National Burrito Day if Chipotle wasn't celebrating?

There's nothing like biting into a tasty burrito, especially on National Burrito Day.

Dos Toros, which has many locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn, is offering free guacomole on burritos on Thursday.

CHIPOTLE Chipotle is offering free delivery all day when you order through app, website or DoorDash. All you have to do is order through the Moe's app on your phone.

Rubio's The coastal grill is selling $5 burritos this National Burrito Day with the purchase of a drink. Go with a friend, or go by yourself and get two burritos.

Moe's Southwest Grill is celebrating nice and easy, with $5 burritos. Again, this is an in-person deal, and make sure you present the coupon when you order.

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