Netflix is testing a mobile-only subscription plan for India at 250/mo

Netflix is testing a mobile-only subscription plan for India at 250/mo

Apple is housing a new video streaming service in its TV app. He thinks Apple needs to acquire a major video content company, although the iPhone maker has shunned big deals in the past. In exchange for billions of dollars, studios helped Netflix launch a fledgling streaming video service by licensing their libraries of shows and movies, but that decision may have sown the seeds of their own demise.

Apple Pay is also expected to gain new features. Only time will tell, but Apple could have the edge if it creates a wider media offering and bundles in other formats like newspapers and magazines, which could be a very real possibility after the company's acquisition of Texture.

The venue itself indicates the importance of the event to Apple.

Apple's relationship with programmers and subscription services sounds similar to what Amazon already has in place with its Prime Video Channels service.

Having seen a pullback in the once-sizzling smartphone market, Apple will seek to diversify by getting deeper into the television business, and with the likely launch of a subscription news service. It's certainly possible, as it might attract new viewers previously unwilling to shell out the full cost for a monthly plan. Much speculation is that the event will announce a news subscription service, as well as their highly-anticipated TV and Film streaming service.

The new service will be "a pivotal step for Cupertino in further driving its services flywheel and entering the "streaming content arms race" which is clearly starting to take form", said Daniel Ives of Wedbush Securities in a research note.

That marked growth of almost 50 percent for the service launched in 2008 by the major TV and film studios to compete with Netflix. Last year, the company also opened its India office in Mumbai and has acquired a 1.5 lakh sq ft office space in the Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC) of Mumbai.

It's not a secret anymore that Apple will be holding an event tomorrow 25 March.

Apple could discuss the service as soon as Monday, or it may choose to detail the offering at its conference for developers later this year. Netflix and Hulu won't be involved. We've put together all of the resources that you need to stream the event and to know what to expect! Apple plans to charge about $10/month.

New York Times chief executive Mark Thompson attacked the Apple business model and warned that relying on third-party distribution can be unsafe for publishers who risk losing control over their product. Also, there the possibility of a new credit card, but a new report says that the company still has another subscription service to unveil.

Apple based the service on Texture, an app it acquired past year. Up until now, however, Apple's TV app has required users to sign up for services individually, outside of the TV app and often using those services' own iOS of tvOS apps - for which Apple already takes a cut.

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