Persona 5: The Royal Revealed for the PS4

After the broadcast of the Persona 5 the Animation "Stars and Ours" special, which wrapped up the endgame part of Persona 5, Atlus dropped a new teaser which reveals the full name of the rumoured P5R game - Persona 5 The Royal. Last month's Direct said he'd be available "before the end of April", and given the next information for Persona 5: The Royal will be revealed at the Persona Super Live 2019 concert on April 24th, it'll likely happen after that date if it does include a brand-new character.

Asked what she thinks of the Phantom Thieves, the new character revealed in the video mentions that while she thinks that helping people in need is a good thing, she doesn't actually like our heroes.

But that encapsulates why Persona 5 is a game that shouldn't be missed. Though possibly a protagonist of some sort, fans are suggesting her dialogue puts her against The Phantom Thieves' actions, rather than for them, Hmm. Well, the official Japanese website now states that it's an RPG, so our best guess is that it is indeed an enhanced version of Persona 5, much like how Persona 4 Golden was an enhanced version of Persona 4. Persona 4 added the character of Marie taking the story that players were familiar with and shaking it up just enough to keep the pacing refreshing. She shares some similarities in appearance to Persona 3 Portable Female Main Character.

It's exciting to see what might be coming to Persona 5 The Royal and a tease like this has done just the right amount to get people excited and ready for more.

The tantalisingly short trailer has left us hungry for more. Who do you think this mysterious girl could be?

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