European Union to offer United Kingdom two options for short Brexit delay, sources say

European Union to offer United Kingdom two options for short Brexit delay, sources say

According to a European official that hard deadline would be midnight Brussels time on April 12 but Macron said this was not "necessarily" the case and a later date for no-deal Brexit could be agreed.

If the United Kingdom can't figure out what it's doing by April 12, "the option of a long extension will automatically become impossible", Tusk said.

Despite acknowledging that "the public have had enough", May is set to plough on with her My Way Or The Highway attitude, as a Downing Street spokesperson explains: "the prime minister has always been clear that failing to deliver on the referendum result would be a failure of our democracy and something she couldn't countenance".

Mrs May was due to meet with Cabinet ministers today and was expected to spend the weekend locked away in her Chequers retreat finalising her plans.

Speaking to the BBC petition author Margaret Anne Georgiadou, said: "I became like every other remainer - very frustrated that we've been silenced and ignored for so long".

European Council President Donald Tusk said that until 12 April, "all options will remain open and the cliff-edge date will be delayed". But Europe's willingness to approve an extension doesn't mean it will necessarily be so. If Mrs May passes her deal at a third attempt next week, Britain will be allowed to stay in the European Union until May 22.

The number of signatures picked up steam following a speech by Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday evening, in which she claimed that the Brexit crisis was not her fault, but rather the fault of politicians who refused to vote for the deal she had negotiated with the EU.

Junior Brexit minister Kwasi Kwarteng on Friday told MPs it "would not be unreasonable" to have a series of votes if the deal is rejected "to find out what the house actually supported".

"March 29 is over".

Possible date for the third "meaningful vote" - known in Westminster as MV3 - on Mrs May's Withdrawal Agreement. Labour MPs Peter Kyle and Phil Wilson could lay an amendment offering support in return for a "confirmatory" vote by the public. If the Cooper/Boles amendment has succeeded MPs will take control.

"What will happen will be a new start under a new leader and that will take a long time".

It still remains far from clear that May will be able to get the withdrawal agreement she signed last November past the House of Commons, and she turned up the heat on her own MPs after the Brexit talks.

"It's this agreement; no deal; or the Parliament taking indicative votes for a much closer long-term relationship with the European Union which would allow the joint political declaration aspect of the withdrawal package to be amended", he said. London and Brussels have both said they hope to have an agreement on future trade and security relations completed by this point.

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