System Shock 3 Gets Its First Trailer at GDC 2019

System Shock 3 Gets Its First Trailer at GDC 2019

In the trailer for System Shock 3, surprising no one, we are shown that SHODAN has survived the events of the previous games and is continuing on with her biological experiments.

A sequel to both System Shock and 1999's System Shock 2, this new project from OtherSide is not to be confused with Nightdive Studio's crowdfunded reboot of the original game.

OtherSide Entertainment debuted the first teaser trailer for System Shock 3 at the Unity Game Developers Conference keynote in San Francisco earlier today.

We still don't know when the game is coming, but Unity has clearly made the game look very good, and anticipation is still high despite the poor reception of OtherSide Entertainment's Underworld Ascendant from past year (check out our review to see why).

Since then, we haven't heard anything about the game.

OtherSide was founded by the creator of Looking Glass and managed to pick up the rights to System Shock 3 from Nightdive, who now hold full rights. But we never explained why she wants to destroy humanity. I'm cautiously optimistic and will remain so until we get some more information on the title. You know what they say - good things come to those who wait. In fact, I'm taking bets on what we'll see first. This remake looks incredibly faithful to the original game and that has me very excited.

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