Facebook Unveils Upgraded Oculus Rift S VR Headset

Facebook Unveils Upgraded Oculus Rift S VR Headset

United Kingdom pricing for the Rift S hasn't yet been confirmed, but Oculus VR has set a U.S. price of $399 (around £304 excluding taxes) ahead of an unspecified Spring 2019 release date. It won't require a mammoth PC, with a recommended RAM of just 8GB and an Nvidia GTX 1060. It also means there will still be software updates for the older headset. But today, we're getting a look at what Oculus' second-generation Rift device will offer, and it's a significant improvement over its predecessor. That's a nice bump from the original Rift's resolution of 2160×1200, but still not as high as the Vive Pro's 2880×1600 resolution. The Rift S was developed in partnership with Lenovo, which receives substantial billing on the new hardware.

The latest Rift sports five onboard sensors, which are built to make this seamless tracking setup as accurate as possible.

New Oculus Rift S Won’t Require External Sensors Hits Spring 2019 For $399

In order to enjoy the Oculus Rift S, gamers will need a compatible PC - which can be checked via Oculus' downloadable tool. The display is a single fast-switch LCD with digital IPD adjust, featuring 1280×1440 per eye resolution (2560×1440 total) at 80hz.

The Oculus Rift S is an improved version of the original Oculus Rift, and features higher pixel density, which should lead to a crisper image for players.

The Rift S will share the same core platform experience as the current Rift, while the Quest's game library will differ a bit due to the lower tech specs of the standalone headset. This, however, comes at a cost: The redesigned headset no longer comes bundled with any headphones at all, and those who do not want to shell out extra for a pair are left using built-in speakers which pipe sound through the head straps.

I marveled at the planets in the nebulous skies of Asgard as I crossed a rainbow bridge and noticed tons of gory detail as I battled a Kraken in a violent ocean, though I can't definitively say how much better the fidelity is compared to what you'd get on a standard Rift.

The budget Oculus Go is sticking around for now, though it's being framed as a more basic VR content viewer than a serious gaming device.

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