Doomed Lion Air 737 almost crashed one day before tragedy

Doomed Lion Air 737 almost crashed one day before tragedy

This comes as the White House announces its new pick to head the beleaguered agency.

India, Indonesia, US, UK, Argentina, Singapore and several other countries have grounded Boeing 737 MAX 8 aircraft following the Ethiopian Airlines crash.

Boeing chief comments came after U.S. federal prosecutors and regulators opened an inquiry into the plane's development process. The U.S. Justice Department is looking at the FAA's oversight of Boeing.

Boeing Co faced growing pressure in Washington on Wednesday with US lawmakers calling for executives to testify about two crashed 737 MAX jets even as the world's biggest planemaker works to overcome obstacles to returning the grounded fleet to the skies.

Canada also said it would send a team to help US authorities evaluate proposed design changes and decide if others were needed.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) called Chao's request "inadequate and incomplete".

The system is usually used to keep the aircraft level and the system is supposed to prevent the crew from lifting the nose too much.

The arrival of Dickson would come at a trying time for the FAA. Before that, he was an Air Force pilot.

United States media said the choice was made before the 737 MAX controversy arose as a result of recent crashes.

The pilots of the Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX were searching in manuals for a solution to an apparent malfunction of a flight assistance system right until the aircraft plunged into water killing 189 people on board, Reuters reports.

Investigators suspect that incorrect sensor readings feeding into a new automated flight-control system may have played a role in the Indonesian crash, and the Ethiopian plane had a similar, erratic flight path.

A Boeing spokesman said the company does not respond to, or comment on, questions concerning legal matters.

New computer-based training for pilots will also be offered.

The FAA last week said it planned to mandate changes in the system to make it less likely to activate when there is no emergency.

After Boeing finishes the software, the FAA still must approve it. It is unclear when that inquiry began.

Boeing has said there was a documented procedure to handle the problem. FAA inspectors review the work of the manufacturers' employees, who are on the company payroll and could face a conflict of interest. Both accidents happened shortly after takeoff.

Following the second fatal accident, US authorities are reviewing whether enough was done to ensure the plane was safe to fly, while attention has also focused on the training of the Lion Air crew and whether aeroplane manuals are clear enough.

There are about 370 Max jets of various models at airlines around the world. None of the documentation for the Max aircraft included an explanation, the union leaders said.

The plane is an important part of Chicago-based Boeing's future.

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