Netflix confirms it won’t be part of Apple’s TV streaming service

Netflix confirms it won’t be part of Apple’s TV streaming service

The streaming video service's CEO, Reed Hastings, confirmed this at a press event today in Los Angeles, California. But it now wants to sell the service that people use to watch TV as well. The SVOD service has also shied away from integrating its offering with Apple TV apps.

On being asked how Netflix planned to compete with tech giants who are planning to get into the video subscription game, such as Apple, Warner and the already existing Amazon Prime Video, HBO, Hulu and others, Hastings responded, "With difficulty". Investors' fear of the stiff competition Apple may pose for Netflix could be why Netflix has mostly underperformed the broader market this month while Apple has outperformed it.

That's separate from the original content Apple has been commissioning.

Speaking to journalists, Hastings said Netflix prefers to let its customers enjoy its content on its own service.

Netflix has previously shunned integration with Apple's television application on iPhones, iPads and Apple TV boxes, which aggregates video content from several providers.

Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, traditional broadcasters are stepping up their effort, with BBC and ITV announcing plans to collaborate on a joint subscription-based streaming service called BritBox, featuring new commissions, recent shows and old British favourites. "But you do your best job when you have great competitors".

Hastings called Netflix more of a content company, owing to $10 bn spend on content sourcing, as opposed to a technology company as that spend was around $1.2 bn.

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