Trump Threatens Saturday Night Live With Investigation

Trump Threatens Saturday Night Live With Investigation

"Tempting as it is to focus on the silliness of Trump's thin skin, his tweets are disturbing on a much deeper level in that they evidence a complete lack of familiarity with the basics of media law and free speech". Maybe Obama didn't have as many "one-sided" sketches because doing presidential things isn't as amusing to put in a comedy as, I don't know, having an affair with a porn star?

While there is no law against mocking the president, there is an "equal time" rule, and it is indeed enforced by the Federal Communications Commission, as Trump suggested yesterday.

Saturday night's rerun featured the "It's a Wonderful Trump" sketch, which originally aired in December.

It's truly incredible that shows like Saturday Night Live, not funny/no talent, can spend all of their time knocking the same person (me), over & over, without so much of a mention of "the other side".

The president complained their treatment of him was "like an advertisement without consequences" and a boost to help Democrats. Hard to believe I won and am winning.

Special counsel Robert Mueller, who has led the investigation into alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation for almost two years, hasn't charged anyone with collusion. There must be Collusion with the Democrats and, of course, Russian Federation! So, basically, Trump got mad about a rerun.

In February, Baldwin responded to Trump's criticisms of the show.

Our president is at it again, not understanding how comedy works. "Same with Late Night Shows", he wrote. He also praised former host Johnny Carson for not bringing politics into his show.

"Saturday Night Live" is a satire show that has mocked every president since Gerald Ford in 1976, along with a number of political figures. "Will be wacky in the unemployment line", he said.

The concept of a hopelessly biased political press corps is one argument that buoyed Trump's first candidacy, and which campaign insiders say he will return to repeatedly as he runs in 2020. Should be tested in courts, can't be legal?

A recent study found that coverage of Trump's presidency on the three major TV networks-ABC, CBS, and NBC-was overwhelmingly negative in 2018, just as it was the previous year, according to the Media Research Center.

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