Pelosi, Schumer threaten government shutdown again

Pelosi, Schumer threaten government shutdown again

The administration is counting on robust growth, including from the Republican tax cuts - which Trump wants to make permanent - to push down the red ink. They said money "would be better spent on rebuilding America".

"President Trump hurt millions of Americans and caused widespread chaos when he recklessly shut down the government to try to get his expensive and ineffective wall, which he promised would be paid for by Mexico", House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a joint statement with Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer.

The people describing the request spoke on the condition of anonymity because the budget had not been made public yet, but a top White House official acknowledged the request in an interview on Fox News Sunday.

Trump said he's "stopping an invasion" of the Twitter comments Saturday directed at conservative commentator Ann Coulter, whose criticism reportedly helped inspire his decision to hunker down for a record-long shutdown.

Vought said in a statement Sunday night that the document will outline the administration's key funding priorities.

Some fiscal watchdogs, though, panned the effort as more piling on of debt by Trump with no course correction in sight.

By refusing to raise the budget caps, Trump is signalling a fight ahead.

As in previous years, Trump's blueprint also calls for $USD200 billion for infrastructure spending, with the Trump administration open to working with Congress to construct a package that could attract bipartisan support.

"This budget will have more reductions than any president in history has proposed", a senior administration official told reporters on a call Monday.

The White House doesn't forecast a balanced budget at any point during Trump's presidency, even with rosy projections for economic growth.

The budget imposes work requirements for those receiving food stamps and other government aid as part of the cutbacks.

Even if the president's emergency declaration survives this congressional challenge, Trump faces significant opposition in the courtroom.

Medicaid is a health-care program for low-income and disabled Americans, run jointly by states and the federal government. The plan would aim balance the budget by 2034, the official said. A few weeks later, Congress agreed to fund $1.375 billion to finance 55 miles of barrier on the border in Texas. "We think it's important to continue to rebuild the military from the years of the Obama administration", Vought said.

But the declaration has been blocked in the House, and the Senate must vote on it this week.

The top Democrat on the Appropriation Committee, Sen. Able-bodied, working-age adults would have to "find employment, train for work, or volunteer (community service) in order to receive welfare benefits", the budget says. Congress has the final say in setting funding levels for federal agencies and programs.

House Democrats have already called the plan dead on arrival, arguing that the proposal would leave the country less safe and secure with "no chance" of passing in the chamber that they control. He said Trump added almost $2 trillion to deficits with the GOP's "tax cuts for the wealthy and large corporations, and now it appears his budget asks the American people to pay the price", the Democrat said. The White House said Trump was seeking more than $80 billion "to ensure our veterans receive world-class health care", a almost 10 percent increase from fiscal 2019 levels.

Almost $300 million would go toward Education Innovation and Research (EIR) grants, with new funds going toward professional development stipends that could be used by teachers who qualify.

White House Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow touts major progress in the ongoing trade talks with China.

Other ideas, however, are more likely to gain traction - like the administration's request for almost $300 million to combat HIV/AIDS and lower new transmissions of the disease by 90 percent within a decade.

The president's budget proposal looks to hire almost 3,000 law enforcement personnel for the agencies involved in border security. The budget proposal will be released on Monday, March 11, 2019.

Also controversial is it would use Pentagon funding for a border wall. The Democratic-led House already did so, and Trump's Republican allies in the Senate, uneasy over his move, are expected to follow suit.

That previous request led to an impasse that resulted in a 35-day partial shutdown of the United States government, the longest ever.

Trump needs this prize for his 2020 presidential reelection campaign.

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