Google Assistant can now book reservations on more devices

Google Assistant can now book reservations on more devices

The assistant introduces itself by saying it is "calling from Google" and informs the restaurant that the call may be recorded.

Once the reservation is made, a message is sent back to the person confirming it. In essence, Google Assistant would automatically call a restaurant for you – one that doesnt have an online reservation system – to speak to and listen to a human on the other end and confirming a slot for whatever time window you ask.

It remains to be seen when support will go live in the remainder of the non-supported states as it's possible local regulations may prohibit the use of a feature like this for various reasons.

Google confirmed the expansion earlier today stating Google Pixel phone owners can now use the feature in 43 states within the US.

Google Duplex made its debut last May at Google I/O, the company's annual developer conference in Mountain View, California. Were actively working to reach full coverage, but dont have a timeline to share at this time.

Analysts believe that with Google's AI reservation system expanding to the majority of US states, consumers and enthusiasts alike will have a clearer understanding of how restaurant owners and users feel about a robot making restaurant reservations. Assistant will then send you a phone notification, email and calendar invite with the details. However, Google's support page now says it's only on the Home Hub. Previously, the company had its Reserve with Google Program but also had limited services. Now, just a few months later, the system can be used in 43 states.

How Duplex will make restaurant reservations? And Google plans to further expand Duplex to more Android devices, as well as the iPhone.

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