'Captain Marvel' star Brie Larson pushes for off-screen inclusion

'Captain Marvel' star Brie Larson pushes for off-screen inclusion

Captain Marvel opens in the United Kingdom and U.S. on Friday, which has been designated International Women's Day 2019. Marvel typically handles the action apart from the film's director with second unit teams and such, but they should really just put Fight Coordinator James Young - The Winter Soldier, Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), Captain America: Civil War (2016), Avengers: Infinity War (2018) - on permanent retainer for all of their movies because the difference is clear when he's not aboard.

Larson explained that the real love in this movie is the love between Carol and her best friend Maria Rambeau, played by Lashana Lynch, who said she campaigned for the role.

To play Danvers, Larson spent nine months in rigorous physical training.

Our hero's journey starts roughly as Vers (Brie Larson) deals with hazy memories of a forgotten life while trying to impress her adoptive civilization, the Kree. With the exception of a mid-credits scene that takes place after the events of 2018's Avengers: Infinity War, the primary connection here is Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), largely pre-eye patch and sporting a full head of hair, who shows up when Larson's unusual being crashes to Earth claiming to be a soldier engaged in a massive alien war, many galaxies away. When they saw the trailers for the film and interviews with Larson, they sensed that this film would unapologetically promote the idea that a female superhero could be in every way the equal of her male counterparts - and, indeed, may actually be more powerful than quite a few of them. She can absorb energy.

Listen. Press circuits for big-budget superhero movies are gruelling trips around the world in which actors are asked the same 10 or so questions literally hundreds, and they're expected to breeze through it all as if it's not incredibly exhausting. Black Widow asks Bruce to tell her as soon as they get a signal, she wants to know who Fury was paging.

The wearing of flannel, the use of the Alta Vista search engine and much bopping to Garbage and Hole all place the story in the 1990s - 1995, to be exact - but confusion about identity is timeless.

Seeking to be more representative, Marvel, a Disney subsidiary, finally responded to demands for more strong female characters on the silver screen - which were further spurred by the #MeToo movement. In the 90s, Captain Marvel then sees Project Pegasus created to build a light-speed engine but it is shut down when Mar-vell (Lawson) dies, with the Tesseract then reclaimed by Fury and back with SHIELD.

Its sequel, "Wonder Woman 1984", is due out in 2020. Two signature properties, Fantastic Four and X-Men, will be reunited with their comic-book brethren, one of the benefits of parent Disney's pending absorption of Fox Entertainment holdings.

The film won three Oscars and has become a pop culture phenomenon.

In a review headed with the words "It's no Black Panther", he accuses Captain Marvel of "unimaginative plotting, cut-rate villains [and] a bland visual style". During the scuffle with the Kree and the Skrulls, Goose the cat's alien Flarken persona is revealed as the cat has these tentacles that come out of its mouth.

In fact, Captain Marvel works right up to the point where it doesn't.

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