Apex Legends Players Voicing Their Frustration over Lack of Season 1 Announcement

Apex Legends Players Voicing Their Frustration over Lack of Season 1 Announcement

After the banner is picked up, players have no time in getting to a Respawn Beacon, which can be found all around the map.

Reddit user "RussianPandaOriginal" posted their thoughts to the official Apex Legends subreddit, arguing that they should be secretly blacklisted and forced to play against one another.

Apex Legends launched just recently, and it has managed to become a massive success in a very short time.

Shortly after the game's release earlier this month, Respawn Entertainment revealed its 2019 roadmap for Apex. Not only has the game been able to capture the magic that the battle royale genre provides, but I also believe it is the best battle royale game to be released as of yet. The game already allows squads to rescue players who have been eliminated, giving them a second chance at a win. A Reddit post seems to give more details, but this is one leak that no single grain of salt will cover. You can now ping locations, items, and enemies in the game to make nonverbal communications a whole lot easier.

This likely means it will not be available to purchase with coins, something that will need to be verified by Respawn. We should all remember the fierce debates about whether it was really different enough from Playerunknown's Battlegrounds and how that eventually led to a small legal spat taking place between PUBG owner Bluehole and Epic. Surprisingly, it even managed to gain more active viewers than Fortnite on Twitch on several occasions, and that just tells you how popular this game actually is.

For those of you wondering about whether there is going to be a battle pass or not, we have news. Wish it borrowed other ideas from Apex Legends?

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