UK's Labor Party to Back Proposal for Public Brexit Vote

UK's Labor Party to Back Proposal for Public Brexit Vote

After parliament voted 432-202 against her divorce deal in January, May is trying to negotiate changes to the exit deal she agreed with the European Union a year ago and had promised to bring it back for approval in parliament by March 12 at the latest.

UK Labour and opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to back a second referendum after his Brexit alternative was voted down in Commons on Wednesday.

Mr Corbyn's plea that Labour's proposal for a permanent customs union was "credible and could be negotiated" with the EU fell on deaf ears as it was rejected by 323 votes to 240.

"When the meaningful vote comes back - and we are told maybe that might be on 12 March - there are rumours today that it could be next week ..."

Brexit supporters say there would be short-term disruption but in the long-term the UK would thrive if cut free from what they cast as a doomed experiment in German-dominated unity that is falling behind China and the United States.

The left-wing group, founded last summer, will campaign in around 30 constituencies to "apply pressure" to the MPs to vote against Mrs May's deal.

Shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer was clear that Labour would put forward or support a "People's Vote" at some point, without providing detail on when this might happen.

One way or another, we will do everything in our power to prevent no deal and oppose a damaging Tory Brexit based on Theresa May's overwhelmingly rejected deal. For the Tories, May's threat to leave the European Union without securing a deal looks likely to force many in government and the wider party to rebel against the whip and back amendments which would force the PM to extend (or rather ask the European Union to agree to extend) A50 notice.

After enduring more than 2-1/2 years of uncertainty since the 2016 referendum, some business chiefs are relieved the threat of a no-deal exit has been pushed back to late June though others said the delay merely prolonged the lack ofclarity.

Besides leaving their parties for a range of reasons, including anti-Semitism in Labour and xenophobia in the Conservatives, the new party was the result not only of both main parties' toxic culture but also their leaders' intransigence on Brexit.

She may have insisted that no-deal remains on the table, and she may have said that a delay is not what she wants, but the U-turn is the most significant moment in the Brexit process since the Commons voted for Article 50.

U.K. Labour Party member Chris Williamson.

But the tilt towards another referendum raises problems for Labour, many of whose traditional voters backed Brexit.

Drug makers can temporarily perform EU quality checks in United Kingdom after no-deal Brexit (MLex): Pharmaceutical producers that sell their medicines in the continental EU but perform their quality checks in the United Kingdom will be temporarily allowed to do so in the event of a no-deal Brexit, the European Commission has said in a letter to medicine agencies across Europe.

Meanwhile, the Sheffield Hallam CLP passed a motion expressing solidarity with suspended Labour MP Chris Williamson, claiming he was "falsely accused of antisemitism".

How did your MP vote on previous Brexit debates?

Well at least no-deal looks to be off the table...


If a second referendum does take place then Corbyn and May should quit because they have failed miserably to deliver what the people voted for.

A number of Labour MPs tweeted their support for Ms Berger after the news of the no confidence motions broke on Thursday night, including former leader Ed Miliband and prominent backbencher Yvette Cooper.

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