Lynne Patton: I was not a 'prop' at Michael Cohen hearing

Lynne Patton: I was not a 'prop' at Michael Cohen hearing

"Now, in response to Cohen's racism accusations, the Republicans on the committee put forward an airtight response to prove that Trump is the least racist person you will ever meet", Noah said, referring to the way Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) trotted out Lynne Patton, a Black woman who works for the Trump Organization, as a literal prop said The Daily Beast. "I've not heard one time a racist comment out of his mouth in private". "And while we were once driving through a struggling neighborhood in Chicago, he commented that only Black people could live that way".

"Just because someone has a person of color, a black person working for them does not mean that they aren't racist", Tlaib said at the hearing. "And I just felt compelled to go down and offer a hand of friendship and say: listen, if there was anything that I did that personally offended you, it didn't come from my heart". "Because one person out of his entire cabinet, out of his entire staff, is there as the black person?"

Patton, a successful businesswoman, emphasized that the president is not a racist.

"So to me that is what makes people uncomfortable", Patton continued.

A visibly irate Meadows asked her statement be stricken from the record because it was a personal attack.

Meadows found himself defending his racial bona fides Wednesday after a dramatic moment during a hearing of the House Oversight Committee featuring Michael Cohen, President Trump's former personal attorney. How could Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez possibly let an opportunity to weigh in on Twitter about her sister freshman Rashida Tlaib's horrendous remarks about Mark Meadows slip by? Committee Chair Rep. Elijah Cummings asked Tlaib to clarify that she wasn't calling Meadows a racist.

Patton added that she's "not a racist, not low-info, not brainwashed" and "not a part of a cult". During a Thursday appearance on "Fox and Friends", she also rushed to the president's defense, saying Trump "does not see color, race, creed, religion".

"You made some very demeaning comments about the president that Ms. Patton doesn't agree with", Meadows said to Cohen.

We talked to Christopher Petrella, director of advocacy and strategic partnerships for the Antiracist Research and Policy Center and a race studies professor at American University, about what the scene says about race relations in the current political climate.

"Well, you know, Laura, for me, the only prop in that room ... was Michael Cohen for the Democratic Party", Patton said. "What he sees is success and failure", Patton told the Fox show.

Patton found that accusation revolting and she wondered why "the congresswoman from MI would take the word of a self-confessed perjurer and criminally convicted white male over a black female ... that's more racist".

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