Nintendo can turn the Switch console into a VR device this year

Nintendo can turn the Switch console into a VR device this year

Nintendo Switch fans, rejoice!

The games journalist added that she didn't believe her sources at the time. Now it seems Scalebound is that title which is pretty damn exciting.

This of course was further backed up earlier this year when GamesRadar hinted that Nintendo was to revive a "dead and buried" title.

Some new Nintendo rumors are kicking around the gaming websites as reporters have picked up on the story surrounding Game Informers Senior Editor, Imran Khan. Now, she says that "maybe" what she heard was actually true.

Although Microsoft renewed the Scalebound trademark sometime after officially canceling it, they also had to cancel the trademark filing for failure to cite a reason for its use.

As claimed by Nintendo Insider's Alex Seedhouse, Nintendo was reviving the title and was working with PlatinumGames to release Scalebound on the Nintendo Switch.

In the original concept for Scalebound, you were to play as Drew, who, while exploring the risky world of Draconis, is bonded to the fearsome and noble dragon, Thuban - the last of his kind. The RPG was in development as an Xbox One exclusive by Platinum Games and was abruptly canceled by Microsoft back in 2017 to a fanbase itching for the release of Scalebound. Thrown together by fate, they must defeat the enemies that threaten their world. There's already a VR Mario Kart game in arcades - could that be a sign of more to come?

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