Kaepernick's attorney predicts Patriots will sign QB

Kaepernick's attorney predicts Patriots will sign QB

LeBron James is very happy that Colin Kaepernick got a settlement with the NFL. In an interview with CNN on Saturday his lawyer, Mark Geragos, said the 31-year-old "absolutely wants to play" and said Kaepernick continues to stay in shape and is game fit.

Kaepernick's attorney Mark Geragos told CNN in an interview on February 16 that he believes in the next few weeks "somebody is going to step up".

Geragos was asked whether Trump's attacks had upset Kaepernick. Geragos told ESPN. "Besides the Panthers, it would not surprise me if [Patriots owner] Bob Kraft makes a move".

Geragos also told CNN that some former Patriots coaches could also be interested in Kaepernick, although declined to name names.

"As a result of those discussions, the parties have chose to resolve the pending grievances", the statement read. Yahoo added that sources previously said Kaepernick would only withdraw his grievance for a lucrative settlement. Had Kap won a lawsuit against the league, he would have been due even more money and it would have been a big win for players rights in the NFL.

In a reasonably large surprise, Colin Kaepernick and the National Football League settled their long-standing grievance case over the weekend with only the barest whiff of a mention from legal teams. "We are not privy to the details of the settlement, but support the decision by the players and their counsel".

CBS News reports that both Kaepernick and the NFL's attorneys announced late Friday that they'd reached a deal, estimated to be in the high tens of millions.

Kaepernick filed the grievance in October 2017 under the collective bargaining agreement alleging collusion against signing him to an National Football League contract, reported ESPN.

Geragos suggested that the Carolina Panthers would be a "natural place" for Kaepernick to land, given the fact that the team already signed Kaepernick's former 49ers teammate Eric Reid, who knelt side by side with him during his social injustice protests. It appears the two grievances were combined into a joint case, but it's unclear when that occurred. Carolina signed Eric Reid to a one-year deal last season which ended his extended time as a free agent and then it signed him to a three-year contract this offseason.

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