How to merge your Fortnite account on PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch

How to merge your Fortnite account on PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch

While "Fortnite" entered the PlayStation Cross-Play beta in September 2018, players who started playing the game on PS4 were blocked from logging into the same account from Nintendo Switch or Xbox One consoles.

Eventually, Sony relented and opened up multiplayer cross-play between PS4 players, and gamers on Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch - but the accounts were still separated. You can then use this primary account on any platform, since every version of Fortnite now allows for cross-platform play. Don't panic! You'll have to wait two weeks for the V-Bucks and cosmetic items you had on your secondary account to appear on your primary account.

Accounts will not be able to merge if that condition isn't met.

Fortunately, it won't get you stuck into technical faults and errors but will take time of two weeks, so stay tuned for ideal account merging stipulations. This means your merged account was disabled and now you can login to your primary account using credentials from either account!

Be warned, though: A few things won't transfer over from your secondary account.

Epic Games released their new system update to make it possible to unify your best skins into one primary account. As the feature was created to solve account issues with unlinking PS accounts from Epic accounts that makes a lot of sense, but you can't merge any old accounts you may have. Yes, the account merging tool is finally live, allowing players to turn two accounts into one. Save the World progress and Creative Mode maps from the secondary account will be left behind.

Once the account merge is done, your primary account will keep all of your "Fortnite" progress.

Don't freak out if you don't see new items and/or V-Bucks in your unified account right away.

We don't want to overstate the clout of Epic Games and their little battle royale game that could, but this effectively kicked into gear a change within PlayStation that is ushering in cross-play.

If you switched platforms to play with friends or simply found you preferred one over another, you may have had to leave some money and progress behind.

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