Wells Fargo online banking down across the country

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Wells Fargo customers have been unable to access their online bank accounts for more than seven hours today - after smoke knackered one of its data centers.

The national bank says system issues were caused due to a power shutdown at one of its facilities.

Wells Fargo confirmed the issue on Twitter as the number of panicked customers climbed, and assured it was working to resolve the problem.

According to the bank's social media accounts, the outage was first reported shortly after 6 a.m.

Some customers also reported the issue was impacting credit cards.

The outage comes after a series of scandals at the bank, including bank practices such as phony accounts and manipulative sales practices.

The website DownDetector.com showed reports of Wells Fargo access issues spreading across the entire continental US.

At this time, it's unclear about the scope and breadth of the problem or how many customers or locations were affected.

The company acknowledged on Twitter it is researching problems with online banking and its mobile app.

Wells Fargo has dealt with a string of controversies in recent years. It tweeted earlier that it is working to restore service "as soon as possible".

Wells Fargo officials said smoke was detected at a facility prompting them to shut down its system. "We apologize for the inconvenience", it said.