Fortnite's Next Big In-Game Event Looks to Involve American DJ Marshmello

Fortnite's Next Big In-Game Event Looks to Involve American DJ Marshmello

Fortnite is one the biggest video games and trends of the year - and the game has just fittingly partnered with one of the biggest acts in electronic music, Marshmello. An encore performance took place this morning for fans who missed it the first time around. While in-game concerts aren't precisely new - Minecraft has done it in the past - it's never been done on this scale. The Showtime Event takes place at 2 p.m. EST on all platforms.

Fortnite, a shooter-survival game in which players fight online to be the last person standing, has rocketed in popularity since its release in 2017, notching up more than 200 million registered users worldwide according to a statement from developer Epic Games in November. The 15-minute pre-recorded concert featured Marshmello's biggest tracks set to a an impressive laser light show that also included CGI mascots, props and pre-recorded footage that displayed on the giant video boards.

We've seen this in-game concert thing before, but not on this scale.

As seen on the fliers for the Showtime Venue, which was a part of a challenge players needed to complete, the Showtime Venue will be in Pleasant Park. To help promote that, a new mini event has begun consisting of new challenges and rewards. All you have to do is head over to the football field in Pleasant Park.

Until the others unlock, that leaves you to merely track down a showtime poster.

"Fortnite" is known for their skins and emotes that can be bought with the game's currency called V-bucks.

Marshmello uploaded the whole concert to his YouTube channel which you can watch below.

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