Cedric Marks escapes in Conroe during transport to Bell County

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Authorities said Marks is "extremely dangerous" and that anyone who sees him should immediately call 911.

When sheriff's deputies with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office stopped for food at a McDonald's, KHOU-11 reported, Marks was able to escape and is on the run.

Former mixed martial arts fighter Cedric Joseph Marks - named by authorities as a possible suspect in three homicides - escaped at a fast-food restaurant in Conroe Sunday morning during his transport from a MI jail to Bell County. He was last seen wearing an orange jumpsuit and restraints.

He's suspected in three killings, including the deaths of his former girlfriend Jenna Scott and her friend Michael Swearingin, who were last seen January 4, according to the station.

Marks was recently en route to Bell County, as he was being extradited from MI to face allegations of burglarizing the home of a former friend, Jenna Scott, according to KCEN-TV. Authorities say he escaped while being transferred to Bell County to face that charge. The Washington state woman had accused him of domestic violence.

MMA fighter Cedric Joseph Marks fled from a private prisoner transport in Conroe, according to the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office. She went missing in March 2009 while living in a women's shelter in Bloomington, and Marks got custody of their son.

Cedric Marks had been in transport from MI since January 31.

Marks has not been named as a suspect in the disappearance of Scott and Swearingin.

Texas Prisoner Transport Services was transporting Marks along with several other prisoners when he escaped. According to an arrest affidavit, she told detectives that she drove Swearingin's vehicle to Austin in an attempt to hide it from investigators.

Maya Renee Maxwell, 26, is charged with tampering or fabricating physical evidence with the intent to impair, a third-degree felony. His last fight was in September. Anyone who spots Marks is asked to contact law enforcement immediately.