Full Video of Marshmello's Concert Event in Fortnite's Pleasant Park

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Fans were already aware that the concert will happen in Pleasant Park, where Epic now shows construction equipment and a partially built stage. It features a large football field and a gazebo with picnic tables, allowing Marshmallo to set up shop. It appears that the usual weekly set of challenges we receive isn't all we're going to be getting this week, however, as a set of Showtime Challenges have appeared.

The event has gone down as a huge success, both Marshmello and Fortnite are trending on Twitter worldwide. The first challenge is already unlocked and requires you to "Search a Showtime Poster". Here's how to complete the Fortnite Showtime challenges and what they are.

If you're keen to see the gig for yourself, you'll have to get up nice and early on Sunday morning, so maybe plan a quiet Saturday night. On top of that, he recently updated his tour schedule by adding a new date set at Pleasant Park on 2nd February, further fueling the teases that he will be making a special performance in Fortnite very soon. While not officially revealed, the site says it will enable respawns, "suggesting players will be able to fight each other during the concert". He teamed up with Fortnite megastar Ninja to win the Fortnite Pro-Am at E3 a year ago, winning the $1 million. Although, it could be argued that the victory had more to do with his teammate, Ninja, who happens to be one of the game's best players.

What's going on: "Fortnite" - the battle royale game that has swept the nation - has chose to drop a number of items related to Marshmello, who is a trance music DJ, according to Forbes. Staging a free concert is a new twist in the game's life, though.