Ariana Grande's '7 Rings' Japanese tattoo translates to 'charcoal grill'

Ariana Grande's '7 Rings' Japanese tattoo translates to 'charcoal grill'

In celebration, Grande got a new tattoo on her hand with the characters "七輪". What she meant to tatoo, was '7 Rings.' She shared the image with fans but then quickly deleted it once fans took note. According to BuzzFeed, "七輪" doesn't translate to "7 rings" it translates to shichirin, which is a small charcoal grill used for Japanese BBQ.

In her recent "Thank U, Next" music video, Grande mocked at President Trump, and following Trump's 2016 election win, Grande posted on Twitter, "I am in tears".

"It hurt like f- [and] still looks tight", she wrote in response to a fan. "So if I miss it enough, I'll suffer through the whole thing next time".

"Also.... huge fan of tiny bbq grills", she jokingly added. Shortly after it came out, the singer tweeted her approval.

The problem? The tattoo, which appeared on her palm, was meant to spell out her new single 7 rings. Grande says her mom inspired her dark lip color on the album's cover.

There's always an element of danger in getting a tattoo done in a language that you don't speak, with a strong chance you could end up with a cool-looking slogan that unfortunately means something completely different to what you asked for - or something that doesn't make sense at all.

She continued: 'Yooooo this is a super weird photo.

Grande also recently made headlines for covering up a tattoo of hers that celebrated her ex-fiance Pete Davidson's father - a cop who died on 9/11 - with a tribute to recently deceased singer Mac Miller, another one of her ex-boyfriends.

And fortunately for Grande, she's not the first person to get the wrong words tattooed. Ed Sheeran was famously inked by actress Saoirse Ronan during his "Galway Girl" video, with the message reading, "Galway Grill". Unfortunately, it looks like our beloved Ariana Grande just fell into that tattoo trap. As she bragged in "7 Rings", if she wants something, she'll get it.

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