Harris emerges as frontrunner to oust Trump as rivals circle

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In early March 2020, her home state of California is expected to be among multiple states voting in what's shaping up to be a "Super Tuesday" round of contests that could prove decisive in the nomination battle. Later, she expresses her hope to be "a joyful warrior", a phrase that harkens back to the last century, and perhaps foreshadows a fierce fight for the country's top office. I ask why she is laughing in homage to the question that Esquire asked annually about Richard Nixon, but I know why she is laughing.

Speaking in front of the Oakland City Hall, with over 20,000 people in attendance - a larger crowd than former President Barack Obama had at his campaign launch in 2007 - Ms. Harris projected herself as a candidate of the people. The second is that she has a very real chance to become president if President Trump and the Republicans don't proactively run on policies that answer the Left.

The California senator announced on Martin Luther King Jr. She is not making a case against private health insurance that is dysfunctional or disliked; she is arguing for the complete elimination of insurance plans that people have had positive experiences with-plans that, as Tapper says, people like. "Of the people. For all the people". Day, when Harris first announced she was running for president, the senator conducted her first press conference at Howard University.

Harris, 54, and Schultz, 65, join several candidate already in the race, including Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, New York's Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, House Democrat Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii and Obama-era housing secretary Julian Castro of Texas.

Harris, a first-term USA senator from California who announced her candidacy last Monday, rallied thousands of supporters at the Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland, her hometown and where she served as a prosecutor before becoming the state attorney general. Bernie Sanders is one of them. She pointed to the 2012 shooting rampage at a CT school that left 26 people - mostly children - dead and said members of Congress should have been forced into a room to view the autopsy photos and then been asked to "vote your conscience".

Well, you just played Senator Harris as saying she wants to abolish the insurance industry. She's promising free everything. If voters are told that Medicare for All requires raising taxes and long wait times at the doctor, support for it collapses. Harris was the first black woman elected district attorney in California, as well as the first woman, first African-American and first Asian-American to hold that job.

One close ally, California congressman Ted Lieu, said: "She embraces the future, not the past, and is the person we need to move America forward".