Apple Plans Gaming Subscription Service

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If the reports are correct, gaming will become another aspect of Apple's growing service interests alongside Apple Music, healthcare apps and cloud-storage solutions.

Apple's new game subscription service will basically work as a Netflix for games and may end up being something like Discord Nitro, which gives you access to $1,000 worth of games for a $9.99/month subscription.

No game subscription service of the type Apple's planning now exists within the mobile space, though Microsoft has operated a service that sounds similar in theory, called Game Pass, for its Xbox One console since 2017. Cheddar notes the talks around an Apple games subscription service are early and could change. Apple declined to comment on the story. The iPhone-maker is developing a slew of original shows for a video streaming service to rival Netflix, partnering with carriers to boost the subscriber base for Apple Music, and is also planning to release a news subscription service this year.

Per Cheddar: "The move to create a gaming subscription service comes as Apple faces pressure to grow its services business while hardware sales plateau". Apple, remember, is also working on packaging some of its other content into a subscription offering, such as the long-rumored Apple News subscription.

Talks with developers and publishers reportedly began late past year, as Apple is looking for ways to increase revenue from its services department with sales of iPhones slowing down. "It is completely unproven in games except for some minor success from Microsoft, Sony, and Electronic Arts".