Trump says deal reached to temporarily reopen the federal government

Trump says deal reached to temporarily reopen the federal government

After the Senate Democrats blocked the proposal approved by the Republican-led House giving $5.7 billion for the wall, the government entered a partial shutdown on December 22.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has repeatedly called Trump's proposition for a wall "wasteful and ineffective", and Democratic leadership continues to deny support for the wall. Overnight and Friday, several Republicans were calling on him openly, and in private, to reopen the government.

No retreat, no surrender is how President Donald Trump frames his decision to temporarily reopen the government while still pursuing a border wall deal.

It is unclear whether that "mutually agreed upon" date will be before February 15, when a three week continuing resolution expires.

In a statement, Trump said that he will sign a bill to ensure "all employees receive back pay very quickly".

Democrats have maintained throughout the shutdown fight that they support border security measures, but not new funding for a border wall, a signature promise of Trump's campaign for the White House.

Trump and the Democrats in Congress had remained at odds over his demand that any compromise include money for his coveted border wall.

Gidley said that Trump had repeatedly asked for the sort of border funding that US security officials said they needed, only to encounter intransigent Democrats in Congress.

The bill funding the government through February 15th does not include money for the construction of Trump's proposed U.S. -Mexico border wall.

"They are smart walls created to meet the needs of front-line border agents and are operationally effective".

All three major United States stock indexes advanced, with the Dow and the Nasdaq eking out their fifth straight weekly gains.

The agreement opens the government for three weeks, allowing nearly 800,000 government workers to be paid for the first time in 35 days, while providing no money for the President's border wall.

We need to do it all, including the Wall. "We never did", Trump said.

Trump wants $5.7 billion USA for the border barrier, opposed by Democrats, as part of any legislation to fund about a quarter of the federal government.

"We don't agree on some of the specifics of border security".

The president has said that he could declare a national emergency to fund the border wall unilaterally if Congress does not provide the money.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a ground stop for flights destined for New York's LaGuardia Airport on Friday morning before lifting it about an hour later.

Flights were also delayed at Newark Liberty International Airport and Philadelphia International Airport because of staff shortages, the FAA said.

Pressure has been building among both parties to reopen agencies immediately and pay hundreds of thousands of beleaguered federal workers while bargainers hunt for a deal.

Fewer than half the furloughed IRS employees recalled during the shutdown to handle tax returns and taxpayers' questions reported for work earlier this week.

A three-week stopgap spending plan, passed by the Senate and heading to the House of Representatives, now sets up tough talks with lawmakers about how to address security along the U.S.

As the economic impact of the shutdown rippled across the economy, stories mounted of federal workers being forced to work side jobs or turn to charity and food banks to make ends meet. Unlike many other news organizations, we have not put up a paywall. The Trump administration has promised to pay them as soon as possible.

Since polls show that the majority of the public blame the president for the stalemate, and his approval ratings have dipped to ominously low levels, per the Times, Republicans realized they were losing the battle and pressured Trump to agree to a temporary ceasefire.

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