Canadian ambassador: Huawei executive has strong case for fighting extradition

Canadian ambassador: Huawei executive has strong case for fighting extradition

He says the defence could look at political interference comments by U.S. President Donald Trump and the fact Canada didn't sign on to Iran sanctions, which are central to the charges she faces. "One: political involvement by comments from Donald Trump in her case". He said it's up to a judge, but also that Ms. Meng's extradition to the United States "would not be a happy outcome".

Meng has been released on bail and is living in one of her two multi-million Vancouver homes, wearing a Global Positioning System ankle bracelet and watched by security guards when she leaves the house.

Mulroney said talking about the merits of the case and saying he hopes Meng should be released is completely inappropriate when the government has been saying that Meng's extradition is up to judicial authorities.

"I think she has quite good arguments on her side", McCallum said, in remarks posted to YouTube.

"I misspoke", read the statement, issued by Global Affairs Canada. The United States is seeking to extradite Meng in connection with the company's alleged violations of Iran sanctions.

She has been released on bail, but her arrest has sparked an escalating diplomatic crisis between Ottawa and Beijing.

The US Department of Justice has until Wednesday next week to file a formal extradition request and Canadian officials could then take up to a month to decide whether an extradition hearing is warranted.

He called the remarks unfortunate but said it would be a mistake to replace McCallum because the process would take too much time and relations are at a critical point.

He did not, however, offer to resign his position as ambassador and for the second day, Trudeau stood by his envoy when asked if McCallum would be sanctioned or fired.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau earlier dismissed calls to fire McCallum. "I don't know exactly why".

He added that Canada would honour its extradition treaty with the United States out of respect for its legal obligations.

"There has been no political involvement in this process".

She was granted bail but now faces extradition to the USA, where authorities reportedly said she deceived global banks to funnel transactions between Huawei and Iran.

Huawei denies the communist led government has any sway over the company and has said it puts its customer's interests first. Canadian government officials confirmed McCallum spoke Tuesday in Markham, a Toronto suburb with a large Chinese population. "I continue to believe passionately in all of the values our Canadian team represents, and I believe that our team is one of the most innovative in the world". "It's just unprecedented", said Carter.

However, Canada's ambassador to the United States David MacNaughton, in an interview, did not say when the formal extradition request will be made but the deadline for filing it is January 30, according to the Globe and Mail.

Days after Meng's arrest, Michael Spavor, a Canadian entrepreneur, and Michael Kovrig, a Canadian diplomat on leave, were arrested in China and accused of engaging in activities that endangered China's national security.

McCallum was addressing Chinese foreign correspondents in an event that was not promoted to Canadian journalists. Maybe it's because Huawei is a national flagship company of China.

"With the tensions in the relationship right now the Chinese could sit on the request", Saint-Jacques said.

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