Santa Clara County reports first flu death of season

Santa Clara County reports first flu death of season

The stomach flu attacks the stomach and intestines and is caused by bacteria or viruses. "That was a tough flu season". Flu-related activity is just now starting to ramp up and peak levels may still have not been fully reached. All individuals with flu-like symptoms should stay home from work and school until at least 24 hours after fever has ended.

The best way to prevent the flu is with a flu shot. It is not too late. Do I really need a flu vaccination?

She said that emergency and critical surgeries would continue as scheduled. We have a great vaccine that helps prevent getting infected with the flu.

That brings the total to four people in the county.

The CDC recently reported that over 7 million Americans have fallen sick from the flu, and already tallied a death toll of 13 children.

The flu has claimed the first local person under the age of 65 this season, the Santa Clara County Health Department reported this month. Even someone like you, who has not had influenza in the past, should still get an annual flu vaccine. We do not want a repeat of this awful situation. They say type A is mostly what doctors are seeing.

Although not a complete guarantee, the flu shot is a valuable and life-saving public health tool.

Richards does point out that you can still get the flu if you have had the flu shot, but you cannot get the flu from the flu shot.

"Contact your doctor if you suspect that you have the flu".

Cleaning your hands often with soap and water or with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. "They may ask you to wear a mask if you are coughing, sneezing, have a runny nose or a sore throat".

Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

It's important to protect yourself and your family from the flu now. "The flu" is unpleasant for everyone, but is particularly unsafe for children under 5 years old, people over 50, pregnant women, and people with underlying health problems like COPD, heart disease, or diabetes, where it can sometimes require hospitalization and be life threatening.

As many of us know, the flu virus has the potential to sicken many and, tragically, result in the deaths of those with weakened immune systems. "Last year was way worse".

Healthcare providers in the state are seeing relatively low numbers of patients with flu-like illnesses, around three percent in the past two weeks. Across the nation, hospitals have enacted visitor restrictions to reduce the spread of influenza and influenza-like illnesses to patients of all ages and their staffs.

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