Only a quarter of players completed the Resident Evil 2 remake demo

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"Resident Evil 2 is, quite simply, one of the best remakes of all-time".

The upcoming Resident Evil 2 remake launches in just a few days on January 25. Capcom also introduced new twists to the game, including a new section which lets players take control of Sherry Birkin for the first time since "Resident Evil 6", which released in 2012. In it, players will be able to enjoy a "what if?" side story where three sub-characters (the mayor's daughter, Robert Kendo, and a mysterious U.S.S. member) did not suffer at the hands of misfortune. Additionally, the mode is said to be very replayable.

Resident Evil 2 has you running and gunning down an assortment of zombies as you progress through a 20-hour campaign to escape the undead of Raccoon City.

Capcom also announced with the game mode that two new skins for Leon and Claire will be available in March. There is not yet a price attached. Resident Evil's birthplace, Japan, was close behind, followed by South America and Europe. Does the DLC make you excited, or leave you wanting? It's a dark curiosity that many of us share, because if we don't understand how society could potentially unravel, how would we know what events to avoid?

For many fans, Resident Evil 2 is their favourite game in the long running horror franchise.

Resident Evil 2 releases on January 25 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, so make sure to check out the available pre-order bonuses while there's still time.