Microsoft to officially 'terminate' Windows phones

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The document in question is actually an FAQ in which Microsoft answers a slew of questions related to the End of Support for Windows 10 Mobile.

It could be late, but Satya Nadella's decision to discontinue Windows Mobile seems to be the right one.

If you've been putting off installing the Windows 10 October 2018 Update - for obvious reasons - avoiding it will soon become a lot harder in the coming weeks. After Microsoft announced that support is coming to an end, Windows 10 Mobile users had to give up on their phones. Third parties or paid support programs may provide ongoing support, we're told, but these won't be publically provided updates. That came just a few months after Microsoft discontinued Windows Phone 8.1, the final operating system sporting the Windows Phone name.

Microsoft's announcement that they would no longer be releasing security updates for Windows 10 Mobile (Windows Phone to me and you).

Windows Mobile had some positives, but an app ecosystem wasn't one of them, and buying a Windows phone nearly always meant not relying on apps, and getting a less impressive experience than counterparts on Android and iOS. Android appears to be receiving the bulk of Microsoft's support, with a launcher and more apps available there.

Rather than planning a Cortana-powered smart speaker or other device, Nadella has demoted Cortana, signaling that Microsoft wants to focus on bringing it to other platforms as a "skill".

As per the report by Microsoft, on 10 December 2019, Microsoft will end all the services for Window phone or you can say Window 10 smartphone. And services like photo upload and device restore will stop December 2020.

The App Store may continue to work after end of support.

Here is the list which informs us about the support availability as per the device model number. In spite of that today, and if you put in a lot of effort, you can still buy some device with this OS, such as the Microsoft Lumia 650, or the lesser-known names such as Wileyfox Pro.

We have heard some rumors, that Microsoft may launch their own branded smartphones in near future, which will have Android OS.

If you wish to continue using your old Windows Mobile device, it would be advisable to backup your phone.

The company states that it will now be focusing much more on supporting its mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms.