Google Maps For Android & iOS Will Now Indicate Speed Limits

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Google Maps is showing the local speed limit to more users across the US. Previously, only select parts of San Francisco in the U.S. and in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil had these features.

As we've mentioned several times in recent weeks, even though it's a much more complete (and complex) application, Google Maps still cannot compete with Waze when it's time to travel by auto.

If Google Maps really brings in this feature that can alert users of speed traps ahead, it will definitely reduce the amount of drivers who get tickets for going over the speed limit.

Drivers in Los Angeles (left) and Minnesota are now seeing speed limits on Maps.

These features have been available on Waze, a crowd-sourced navigation app acquired by Google in 2013, for some time. The same Android Police reports that speed trap icons have already been spotted inside Google Maps, right alongside voice warnings. However, Android Police did state that they couldn't find the similar speed camera icons when they browse the same location, so it might be possible that the feature is still rolling out.

When Google bought Waze in 2013 for almost a billion dollars, most analysts assumed they would eventually integrate the app's groundbreaking features into Google Maps.

It is true that with the arrival of these features in Google Maps, Waze will no longer have its strongest arguments.

The new commute tab is located in the toolbar at the bottom of the Google Maps app, between the "Explore" and "For you" tabs. But happily, these apps are in violation of Google Maps' terms of use which does not allow the users to re-distribute or design replacements for Google Maps main Services.

He also measured how often the app got users to their destination on time and if not, how often users arrived at their destination later than expected.