Cadillac gives preview of EV crossover concept — NAIAS

Cadillac gives preview of EV crossover concept — NAIAS

After recently learning that the Cadillac luxury brand would become General Motors' "lead electric vehicle brand", we all expected to see an EV unveiled soon, just not this soon. So far there is scant detail about what the auto will be called or powered by. "Car companies are acknowledging that the crossover, sport utility vehicle boom is continuing", said analyst Michelle Krebs of Autotrader. He also said that the production model will be sold globally and will be the vanguard of new product range following the current three-year product plan.

"It will represent the height of luxury and innovation while positioning Cadillac as the pinnacle of mobility", explains Cadillac president Steve Carlisle.

The EV will be on a new, flexible platform, according to Cadillac, that will underpin all manner of front-, rear- and all-wheel drive vehicles.

"The most advanced components within this platform are the drive units and battery cells, both of which are being designed for maximum usability throughout GM vehicle lineups in different countries", Cadillac said in a release.

At the Detroit auto show on Monday, Cadillac showed its first electric-car concept, a largish mid-size SUV that looks likely to seat five passengers, though details from the company were scant. Reckon they're onto something with this "EV crossover" malarkey? While Tesla may have the crown for most well-known EV maker, there are lots of brands creeping in to take a share of the market. The one thing that hasn't change is the high level of competition.

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