Ex-kidnapping Victims: Jayme Closs Needs Space, Time to Heal

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"My legs started to shake".

"They include things like not leaving trace evidence by changing his physical appearance like shaving his head not to leave hair behind", said Barron County, Wisconsin Sheriff Chris Fitzgerald.

The second photo was another selfie with her aunt, Jennifer Smith, with a caption reading "Love her so much!"

Jayme told the couple she had been held captive in a cabin and didn't know where she was or anything about Gordon.

"She said to us that, 'This person killed my parents and took me, '" Kasinskas later told CNN. Jayme was inside the home when her parents were killed.

As Jayme Closs starts her road to recovery following her kidnapping, investigators are trying to piece together what happened during the almost three months she was in captivity.

She went on to say she and her family will make sure Jayme is safe forever, and thanked everyone for their support. "We don't believe he ... talked with them, had any digital footprint with them".

Fitzgerald said officials did not yet know how she escaped, saying only that she had been released from the hospital and was being reunited with family.

Elizabeth Smart - who was abducted aged 14 in 2002 in Utah and held captive for nine months - said in an Instagram post: "No matter what may unfold in her story let's all try to remember that this young woman has SURVIVED".

Local teacher Jeanne Nutter was walking her dog when she found Jayme on Thursday. Shortly after the 911 call, a sheriff's patrol sergeant found the vehicle, pulled it over and took Patterson into custody, Douglas County Sheriff Tom Dalbec said.

Patterson, who was unemployed, remained largely an enigma Saturday.

Thursday, Naiberg Smith told FOX 9 how excited she was for the moment pictured Friday.

"I went to her and she just sort of grabbed onto me and she told me who she was".

Police found her parents James Closs, 56, and Denise Closs, 46, shot dead, and undertook a nationwide search for Jayme, describing her as "endangered", but the trail had gone cold until Thursday.

Closs turned up almost three months after she was snatched by a man who fatally shot her parents so he could kidnap their daughter, according to law enforcement authorities.

"We have recovered a gun consistent with what was used at the scene of the initial homicide", said the sheriff.

Patterson's parents divorced in 2008, according to online court records.

The Sheriff also stated that it has come to light that Patterson did work at Jennie-O 3 years ago for less than 2 days, however, there is no indication that he had any contact with Jayme's parents.

"It appears he concealed her from other people. his friends", Fitzgerald said.

He may have worked at another business in Barron but that hasn't been confirmed, the sheriff said.

He graduated from high school in Minong, about 10 miles south of Gordon, in 2015 and participated on the quiz bowl team.

"And I would tell her that this experience might feel like it's defining, it might feel like that's who she is now, but it doesn't have to be", Smart said.

Another Aunt, Sue Allard, said she could barely express her joy after learning the news.