Early whistle costs Browns a TD on Lamar Jackson fumble

Early whistle costs Browns a TD on Lamar Jackson fumble

On the final drive, the Ravens broke up multiple passes, but the Browns still moved the ball inside the Ravens' 40-yard line.

The Macedonia, Oh. native, who played his collegiate football at Ohio State University, was selected by the Browns with the fourth overall pick of the NFL Draft back in the spring.

Fast-forward nearly exactly one year to Sunday, when Ravens LB C.J. Mosley intercepted Baker Mayfield on fourth-and-10 in the final minute of a two-point game with Cleveland driving for the potential win. For the Ravens to make the playoffs for the first time in four years, for them to win their first AFC North title since 2012, they now needed to win. Down by nine points with seven minutes left, Cleveland got within a few yards of moving in position for a game-winning field goal in the final minute.

Lamar Jackson came up just short of the goal line before fumbling. A win over the Browns in Week 17 would put the Ravens in the postseason once again however. Maybe that's a chance to build some lasting peace in the AFC North ...? No?

Cleveland (7-7-1) has rattled off five victories in its past six games, including the past three in a row. Humphrey was challenged in the secondary and struggled against a talented Cleveland receiving core, including tight end David Njoku, who boxed him out for a 42-yard gain late in the third quarter.

But on fourth-and-10, with 66 seconds remaining, 364 days after a fourth-down disaster doomed the Ravens' season, C.J. Mosley made a decision to be legendary.

A Browns defender knocked the ball loose, but officials called the play a touchdown on the field that would have given the Ravens a 26-7 lead in the second quarter.

The Ravens, however, did beat the Browns 26-24 in Sunday's game.

Browns defenders swatted the ball out of Jackson's hands as he was retracting and recovered the fumble. His second interception was answered later with a 48 yard TD pass to Jarvis Landry. Instead, it was overturned upon review and the Browns got the ball back at their 7. The Browns miss out on their first winning season since 2007.

"This team is a no give up team", Williams said. Respect and trust are earned. They had to win to secure another game in Baltimore.

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