Government shutdown could mean delayed tax returns

Government shutdown could mean delayed tax returns

If the partial government shutdown heads into the tax filing season, people will not be receiving their expected refunds on time.

The Internal Revenue Service is one of the agencies now not funded as a result of the shutdown. Only 12 percent of its staff are working (without pay), mostly focused on security and technology.

The likelihood of this delay shouldn't stop you from filing early through. The agency's website says taxpayers "should file and pay their taxes as normal".

The tax assistance lines won't be staffed until the shutdown ends.

He believes the main impact will be felt by taxpayers who are due refunds, but he says there is a solution.

An IRS spokesman, Matt Leas, declined to comment on the letter.

If an individual receives their W-2 or Form 1099 after filing and the information is different than what was claimed, that person can file an amended tax return using Form 1040X.

Normally during the first week of January, Kendria Angrand from Liberty Tax Service in Stroud Township starts taking calls from people asking if the place is open. It still won't issue refunds, however.

And during shutdowns, only a fraction of IRS employees work.

"As an accountant, I'd like to have the direct absolute correct answer before I sign my name to a return", said Fortine.

Soon it will be time to file your tax returns.

As the government shutdown rolls into its second week, many are growing more concerned with how the halt will affect the Internal Revenue Service during tax season.

They also won't respond to questions from taxpayers.

While this is less of a concern to later filers, the report notes that lower-income households often rely on early refunds to pay debts or make larger purchases.

Finally, even though the IRS may not conduct audits during a shutdown, remember that they can (and will) conduct audits once the shutdown has ended! "And that's in a good year, when you have just a few tax changes".

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