Doctor Reportedly Exposed to Ebola in Africa Brought to U.S. Hospital

USA officials arranged the physician's travel, a spokesman for the medical center said.

The unidentified individual had been in the country offering medical assistance at the time exposure may have occurred, according to a news release from Nebraska Medicine.

The person, who was transported to the private plane and transported by vehicle, will be monitored by federal, state and county public health officials, according to the statement. Since August, the Democratic Republic of the Congo health ministry says there have been at least 593 confirmed or suspected cases of Ebola and at least 360 people have died.

An American doctor who may have been exposed to the Ebola virus in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been taken to a Nebraska medical center for treatment, the medical center said Saturday.

The person isn't displaying symptoms of Ebola but was evacuated to ensure quick access to specialized care if symptoms develop.

But humanitarian efforts have been frustrated by violence at the epicenter of the outbreak, which has devolved into an active war zone.

"Nebraska Medicine/UNMC team is among the most qualified in the world to deal with them". "We are not aware of any other United States citizens with potential exposures to Ebola at this time, and there is no health risk to the USA public due to this evacuation", says the CDC.

While this person isn't officially a patient, we will be honoring their request for privacy while they are being monitored here. However, if it becomes necessary for this person to be transferred to the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit, regular updates should be expected.

The Nebraska Medical Center treated three patients with Ebola in 2014, according to the statement, and the following year monitored several others after exposure, though none of those individuals developed the disease. If the individual develops symptoms of the virus, the person will be admitted to the hospital's biocontainment unit, one of the few in the USA dedicated to treating highly infectious diseases, Taylor Wilson, a spokesperson for Nebraska Medicine said.

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