Geminids Meteor Shower: the best places to watch from the United Kingdom tonight

Geminids Meteor Shower: the best places to watch from the United Kingdom tonight

"Although the meteors will appear to have Gemini as their point of origin, they can appear anywhere in the night sky".

December is here and so is the Geminid Meteor Shower!

"Virtually all meteors that we see during meteor showers come from comet dust as the Earth crosses the plane of their orbits", said Suresh Sreenivasan, a board member of the Minnesota Astronomical Society.

The Geminid meteor shower is set to peak Thursday night into Friday morning and people all over the world were getting ready to see the last big meteor shower of 2018. You might want to pack a pair of binoculars to spot it, but it should be visible to the naked eye in good conditions. You can book tickets for the session here.

As Joe Rao explains on, the Geminids are relatively slow-moving meteors. They say the lights should be bright enough to be classified as fireballs. Watch meteors showers observed in the skies over Daytona Beach, Florida, during the 2018 Geminid shower by NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center. You can use the Dark Site Finder app to find the darkest place nearby. The best showing is slated for 2 a.m., Friday morning, but meteors are possible anytime after sunset. The debris shed by 3200 Phaethon crashes into Earth's upper atmosphere at extremely high speed, to vaporize as colorful Geminid meteors.

"Due to its close approach to the sun, Phaethon is named after the character of Greek myth who drove the sun-god Helios' chariot", NASA said.

First discovered via satellite data 35 years ago, an asteroid called "3200 Phaethon" is responsible for bringing the spectacular Geminids meteor showers to Earth's atmosphere each December.

Watch the Slooh Geminid meteor shower stream here.

. That will be Comet 46P/Wirtanen which will be making its closest approach to Earth (7 million miles) for the next 20 years! Here's how to find Gemini in the sky, although you don't have to look directly at it to be able to see tonight's lights.

Although the Geminid shower is known for its "shooting stars", the number of meteors visible depends on the time and how dark it is.

Traditionally asteroids are made of rock, and comets mostly of ice.

The American Meteor Society recommends shooting the meteor shower with a camera that can take an exposure in the range of 1 to 10 minutes.

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