Google Fit Gets New Features on Android, Wear OS

Google Fit Gets New Features on Android, Wear OS

The first is the app's octagonal indicator which monitors Move Minutes and Heart Points, the tracking data Google uses to encourage people to hit daily goals.

After a major update which rolled out earlier this year, Google Fit is getting new features to help you get through the notoriously unhealthy Christmas season. A second widget is able to show detailed data such as steps taken, calories burned and miles traveled. When manually adding a workout, you'll have the option of inputting the intensity of it to get more accurate Heart Points based on how hard you pushed yourself.

Google says these features are rolling out to users this week, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for them!

This update brings a new and useful interface for logging physical activity, a new homescreen widget for easy view, and a new breathing exercise for those who own Wear OS devices. This enables the app to analyze it more accurately and produce Heart Points (a reward for increasing your heart rate during exercise).

Google's own fitness tracking app for Android, Google Fit, is getting a minor upgrade meant to improve the overall fitness tracking. These were oddly removed when Fit went through its redesign, so it's nice to see these make a return.

The only downside is that the breathing exercises are only available on Wear OS for now.

The new features haves started to roll out to compatible Wear OS watches Android phones from now. Tell us about your experiences.

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