Microsoft Edge will soon be rebuilt on Chromium!

Microsoft Edge will soon be rebuilt on Chromium!

With this announcement comes confirmation Microsoft also plans on releasing Edge for older versions of Windows. Nothing's gonna change on the consumer front and those who now use Edge won't need to make any changes. For any web browser to have a chance at competing, it needs to be available in as many places as possible. Nowadays many website building platforms are optimizing their things to work properly on Google Chrome which ultimately results in poor compatibility with the Edge browser.

However, it appears that we may all just end up winning from this because new reports reveal that Microsoft is willing to put their knowledge of Windows integration and engineering prowess to good use by making the entire Chromium open-source platform a better experience. An Edge preview using the open source Chromium technologies is expected to show up in "early 2019" as part of the Microsoft Edge Insider Program for test builds. But as of today, Edge only has a 4 percent share of the USA browser market, according to StatCounter. This shift will also bring the flexibility to update the browser at a frequent pace.

One of those audiences may be macOS users, who despite not clamoring for Edge should have access to Microsoft's browser at some point: Belfiore said the company expects to bring Edge to other platforms like macOS.

It's not clear if Edge will become available for users of the long-term servicing channel versions of Windows 10 and Windows Server. After spending lots of time and money begging developers to amend their PWAs to run on Windows/UWP, Microsoft is about to do the exact opposite.

In addition, Edge has been powered by Chromium on Android already, so the team is at least somewhat familiar with what it can do.

But on the other hand, one could argue that the competition has simply moved within Chromium, as Microsoft wrestles away some power from Google in Chromium's development.

Beard urges people to give Firefox another try, saying that it has improved dramatically over the past year and a half. The move would lessen the use of one of the few major Chromium alternatives left - effectively just Firefox and Safari. Web developers can learn more about their efforts on Microsoft's Github page for the project. "We look forward to working with Microsoft and the web standards community to advance the open web, support user choice, and deliver great browsing experiences".

Microsoft particularly will leverage "Chromium's cross-platform app technology along with a change in our distribution model" for all supported operating systems.

The first announcement that Microsoft made is that they are moving Edge from EdgeHTML to the Chromium Platform for the desktop. Part of that includes introducing improved touch support and web accessibility. Electron works better with Chromium than it does with Edge.

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