Samsung and Verizon Will Release a 5G Smartphone in 2019

Samsung and Verizon Will Release a 5G Smartphone in 2019

According to the leaks, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 will be the first mobile processor to support multi-gigabit 5G connections.

Included in the unveiling were mobile operators AT&T, EE, Telstra and Verizon; infrastructure provider Ericsson; network infrastructure and mobile device leader Samsung; and device makers Motorola, NETGEAR and Inseego. Qualcomm is believed to have a technology lead on Intel in 5G - though it's unclear how much.

He said that the full chip systems will be able to switch between 4G and 5G and will support both millimetre-wave and sub-6 gigahertz bands, the two frequency spectrums used by 5G networks.

Флагманський процесор Snapdragon 855 представили офіційно

Qualcomm's new 5G-ready Snapdragon 855 processor is built on the 7 nanometer design as well, which will make it more powerful and efficient in terms of battery consumption. Samsung probably will be the first to utilize these 5G capabilities as it is expected to launch 5G-enabled Galaxy S10 in the first half of 2019.

Other exciting aspects of Snapdragon 855 include the new 4th generation AI engine, consisting of the CPU, GPU, and Hexagon DSP, with claims of up to 3x the performance of Snapdragon 845 in certain AI workloads. Then join our Team!

The fact that so many smartphone manufacturers, with Huawei instantly coming to mind, still haven't stopped using images shot with a DSLR to fake handset camera shots, continues to be perplexing.

We're not totally sure why, we can only think there was a possible overheating issue due to the intensive work being done by streaming 4K over the 5G modem (remember this isn't a final device).

"We are focused on bringing the benefits of 5G NR networks for our business and consumer customers in the UK".

It must sound like a bit of an echo, but during the first six months of 2019, AT&T will bolster its 5G devices line-up with a Samsung smartphone.

Qualcomm has unveiled its Snapdragon 855 mobile platform to enable commercial 5G networks and mobile devices in early 2019. Qualcomm describes this as the world's first "commercial" ultrasonic under-the-display fingerprint solution for smartphones. Apple plans to wait until at least 2020 before releasing an iPhone capable of 5G connectivity, Bloomberg reported Monday. Additionally, with the Snapdragon 855, Qualcomm is aiming to deliver a great photography and gaming experience to the users. This marks the Snapdragon's first shrink in transistor size since 2016. Snapdragon 855 offers a special Snapdragon Elite Gaming that combines various features to boost mobile gaming experience on high-end smartphones.

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