Microsoft Killing Edge Browser to Make Chrome-Powered Alternative

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According to Microsoft, the problem is not with AMP itself, but rather the tools Cisco used to build it. Microsoft says that the Morphisec SDK, part of the Morphisec Protector platform that AMP is based on, is the source of the Windows conflict. A brand new browser based on the Chromium engine could go a long way toward drawing in more users and resolving numerous complaints about Edge. A Microsoft-made Chromium-based browser would render web pages almost identically as Chrome, meaning less confusion over which web site works well in what browser. In recent years, Chrome (more precisely, its browser engine, Blink) has basically become the standard for rendering the web.

There is no information regarding a re-branding or change in user interface which may accompany this switch in rendering engine, but the adoption of Chromium should ensure that Windows 10's default browser works just as well as Google Chrome across web applications.

Indeed, Microsoft's Edge browser was designed with Windows 10 to be an alternative to Chrome, Firefox, and others.

Those failures haven't stopped Microsoft though, as Petri on Monday reported that the company is working on "a new version of Windows that may not actually be Windows".

If that's legit, it'll see Microsoft swap out the EdgeHTML engine it built from scratch for the one that's part of the open source Chromium base, and powers Google Chrome, Opera, and fearless.

It would seem as compatibility was the biggest issue with Edge, and that Edge's consumers were pushing Microsoft to do something about it. Though the number of supported extensions continues to grow, Edge pales in comparison to Chrome. Honestly, we can't wait to see what Microsoft could do with the Chromium engine. What will this new browser be called? Microsoft may unveil Anaheim at some point in the Preview Build 18290, which is now being tested in the Fast ring by Windows insiders, Windows Central said. has contacted Microsoft for comment and will update the story with any further details.