Maine Rep.-Elect Golden Votes Against Pelosi

Maine Rep.-Elect Golden Votes Against Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi isn't speaker of the House just yet, but her path back to the gavel is now firmly in sight.

Pelosi's spokesman responded to Moulton saying "women delivered Democrats' historic election victory, and women will lead House Democrats' new majority".

An incoming federal lawmaker from Dubuque will support Nancy Pelosi's bid to reclaim the role of speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.

She's not quite there.

Pelosi's office did not return a request for comment.

"Are there dissenters? Yes", the California Democrat told reporters as the ballots were being counted.

I can't wait to see what progress we will make together on behalf of the American people.

Wednesday vote comes after 16 Democrats signed an anti-Pelosi letter last week calling for new leadership, though one memberlater reversed himself after getting an accommodation from Pelosi.

"Are there dissenters? Yes", Pelosi said after receiving her party's nomination.

But Pelosi has been deftly picking off opponents - including nine who announced their support Wednesday as voting was underway - a trend she'll need to accelerate in the weeks ahead.

"They went in hoping to begin some type of conversation about a transition to leadership and it never even left the ground", said one Democratic insider familiar with the negotiations. More than two-thirds of the class will represent red-leaning districts while others, like Rep. -elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, were elected on leftist platforms in deep blue districts to replace longtime Democratic incumbents. As of Friday, have said they would oppose Pelosi, including a total of six women.

Pelosi and her allies have characterized the intra-party opposition to her speakership as a conservative, male-dominated movement out of touch with the bulk of the Democratic party. Our message was simple: the Democrats are fighting for you.

Pelosi won her party's nod for speaker, the top position in the U.S. House and the second in line of presidential succession, during an informal vote Wednesday.

Opponents insist there will be more than enough votes to stop Pelosi at that time.

He said throughout his most recent campaign that he was in favor of new leadership in the House.

The meeting between is expected to take place Tuesday morning. "I think the momentum is in her direction".

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