Comey makes deal over House subpoena, backs off legal fight

Comey makes deal over House subpoena, backs off legal fight

Former FBI Director James Comey has agreed to appear before the House of Representatives under an agreement that will ensure his full testimony is released to the public within 24 hours of its completion and that Comey is allowed to speak freely about his testimony.

"Grateful for a fair hearing from judge". So [I] will sit in the dark, but Republicans agree I'm free to talk when done and transcript released in 24 hours. Soon after, Comey's lawyers withdrew their request to quash the subpoena.

Republicans have said the Federal Bureau of Investigation is biased against Trump, pointing to Comey's decision to publicly announce the Federal Bureau of Investigation would not bring charges against Clinton.

His lawyer said an "accommodation" had been reached and that more details would be available later.

The committee is expected to question Comey about decisions made by the FBI in 2016, including the FBI's investigations into Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server, and possible collusion between Russian Federation and Trump's presidential campaign.

Trump fired Comey past year on the grounds that Comey had mishandled the Clinton case, with both then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein sending memos expressing agreement with the decision. Judiciary Committee chairman Bob Goodlatte tweeted Wednesday that he had told Comey the transcript of his testimony would be published publicly.

It's unclear what rights he was referring to. Democrats say the GOP is hoping to use the issue to derail or discredit special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation.

The clock is ticking for them to generate a result: Democrats will take over the House and its committees on January 3, following a gain of 40 seats in last month's elections.

Comey's statement came after he filed a legal challenged that would force a public hearing.

The Kremlin has denied meddling in the US elections, and Trump denies colluding with Moscow, repeatedly calling the Mueller probe a political "witch hunt" with no basis in fact.

Comey is set to receive a transcript of his testimony and will have the option of making public part or all of it.

"I was disappointed that Mr. Comey filed a motion to quash the subpoena sent to him to appear for our investigation", he said.

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