Meet Knickers, a cow so big he wouldn't fit in the slaughterhouse

Meet Knickers, a cow so big he wouldn't fit in the slaughterhouse

"We have a high turnover of cattle, and he was lucky enough to stay behind", he stated.

When Karl Schoenrock saw the viral photo of Knickers, a six foot four inches tall steer, towering over a herd of cattle, he chose to bust out the measuring tape.

Australian cow, Knickers, became a viral star after a video emerged of him towering above other farm beasts. And his size has proved to be his saving grace.

The goal was to have him as a "coach" - a steer that leads other cattle, according to BBC. Instead of becoming steaks and burgers, 7-year-old Knickers will get to live out his life in Pearson's fields in Lake Preston, southwest of Perth.

"Knickers, an Australian steer who stands at 6'4", gained internet fame this week. Steers are castrated males.

BBC reported that some of Knickers' "mates" were sent to the slaughterhouse while he was left behind.

But after a few more rotations of cattle, the cattle farmers "realized he wasn't stopping growing".

Earlier this week, Knickers, a Holstein Friesan who stands at just over 6'3, captivated the world, as people wondered how such a large creature could come to be, where he is going, what he wants, unaware that there was an even bigger bovine waiting in the wings. Numerous cattle are wagyu and are dark brown.

As news of Knickers has spread, other animal owners have been coming forward with their own colossal creatures.

"We don't know that ourselves", Pearson told The Guardian. We kept him on because we thought he had potential to be a big steer but never imagined he'd grow to be this huge.

Dozer still remains 2 inches short from the Guinness World Record for tallest living steer.

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