AWS announces its first blockchain offering through two new distributed ledger services

AWS announces its first blockchain offering through two new distributed ledger services

AWS' plan is to deliver its own servers and storage to users' premises, and maintain them too.

Outposts will be sold on an opex basis, so they'll also match the procurement experience of the full AWS cloud. "This empowers them to maximize the value of their IT investments and achieve better business outcomes", said Mark Lohmeyer, senior vice president and general manager, Cloud Platform Business Unit, VMware. Even with all the benefits, most organizations are still slow to embrace the cloud.

AWS announces its first blockchain offering through two new distributed ledger services

"Many of our customers want to build applications where multiple parties can execute transactions without a central, trusted authority, and they also need to create a blockchain network".

The AWS native variant of AWS Outposts satisfies customers who prefer the same APIs and control panel that they are used to in AWS' cloud, but now on-premises. Amazon Managed Blockchain eliminates the overhead required to create the network, and automatically scales to meet the demands of thousands of applications running millions of transactions.

AWS Lake Formation then collects the data and moves it into a new Amazon S3 data lake, extracting technical metadata in the process to Catalogue and organise the data for easier discovery. When asked whether the Outposts technology will eventually be able to run on data center equipment from the likes of Dell and HPE, Jassy said, "it's possible". VMware Cloud on AWS Outposts will support virtual machine-, container-, and Kubernetes-based applications across the hybrid cloud. In 2017, AWS collaborated with VMware to introduce VMware Cloud on AWS, giving the vast majority of companies who are virtualized on VMware the ability to use the same on-premises VMware tools that they had been using for years to manage their infrastructure on AWS.

Bringing VMware's Proven Enterprise Capabilities to All Native Amazon EnvironmentsToday, customers can purchase a wide variety of VMware solutions that help drive consistency of networking, security, and operations in Amazon EC2 environments, including VMware NSX, VMware CloudHealth, VMware vRealize Cloud Management Platform and Wavefront by VMware.

DimensionalMechanics, a leading developer of foundational artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning technology, today announces the release of NeoPulse Framework on the new AWS Marketplace for Machine Learning. The replication will enable the users to efficiently analyze the network activity outside the network and attain insights into the trends.

Yet another popular open-source project is now available as a managed service from Amazon Web Services with the addition of Amazon Managed Streaming for Kafka, announced Thursday at re:Invent 2018.

AWS is hoping developers interested in the field of machine learning and autonomous vehicles will begin experimenting with the DeepRacer, and in particular start using the device to train their own software to react more intuitive to the designated track that comes with the small auto.

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