Israel bombs targets in Syria, near Damascus: monitor

Israel bombs targets in Syria, near Damascus: monitor

According to the IDF Spokesperson's Unit, the Syrian reports are false and no Israeli plane was shot down.

The Israeli army said a missile was sacked at the Golan Heights, but that it remains unclear whether the projectile fell in Israel.

Focusing its attention on Friday's US-led coalition attack on the village of al-Safa, which led to the deaths of over 30 civilians, as well as the Israeli air forces' alleged Thursday strikes, the letter argued that the strikes "clearly reflect the US's disregard for humanitarian values and its confempt for global law". In addition, Syrian state television reported that "the Israeli attack did not achieve its goals because the hostile targets were shot down".

Russia's RIA news agency, citing a Syrian security source, had reported that air defenses had shot down an Israeli war plane and four missiles, but the same source later denied this and Israel's military said the report was "bogus".

Head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Rami Abdel Rahman said there are "weapons depots belonging to the Lebanese Hizballah (group) as well as Iranian forces" in Kisweh.

Military sources told SANA that the incoming projectiles were heading toward the al-Kiswah area.

Kisweh, where Thursday's strikes were reported, is situated some 35 kilometers west of Israel's northern border and has been targeted by Israel in the past.

Israel has struck dozens of targets in Syria over the course of the seven-year conflict, saying its actions are targeting Iran and its allies. Troops are scanning the area.

Israel has since acknowledged carrying out at least 200 air strikes in Syrian territory as it seeks to repel Iranian-backed forces from its border.

Moscow pinned responsibility for the downing on Israel, saying its fighter jet used the larger Russian one for cover, an allegation Israel disputed. Operation of the system could thus make Israeli jets far more vulnerable in any future missions in Syria.

The Syrian military claimed to have thwarted a suspected Israeli attack in the war-torn country's south that would come in defiance of newly-installed Russian air defense systems.

There was no evidence however that the S-300 batteries were used to intercept Israeli missiles overnight.

The Sept. 17 downing by Syrian anti-aircraft fire, after Israeli jets attacked a suspected Iranian arms shipment to Syria, caused a diplomatic rift between Israel and Russian Federation, and Moscow blamed Israel for the incident.

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